Is dark chocolate really so good?

dark chocolate

My friend Irene brought back more than ten boxes of dark chocolate from Belgium, because I don’t know who sent her a mobile phone message, saying that dark chocolate has many health benefits.

She sent me 2 boxes and said to me: “Dark chocolate can make you feel good and reduce the risk of heart disease. You have to eat more!”

Is dark chocolate really as good as online?

It has long been revealed by the media that several international chocolate brand companies have invested heavily in scientific research on cocoa and chocolate. For example, The Vox website surveyed 100 health studies funded by a company and found that all the findings were a good word for cocoa and chocolate.

When scientific research is funded by food industry, the research conclusions may be oriented in a particular direction preferred by the food industry.

So some scientific research reports that “dark chocolate” is a heart health food. The media also followed the hype such as “Chocolate is good for health” and other topics.

Of course, some scientific research conclusions have been distorted by the media. For example, the research led by Columbia University’s Adam Brickman concluded that the anti-oxide flavanols contained in cocoa can improve people’s memory. However, the results of this research have been hyped by the media. The research report clearly indicates that the memory is the single component of cocoa flavanols, but it has been extended to the “chocolate” by the media. The title of the media turned out to be: “Eating chocolate can treat Azhai. Silence.” The Blickman team studied “cocoa” while the media extended to “chocolate.”

The more pure the heat, the higher the heat

Cocoa and chocolate are two different products. Cocoa powder is a cocoa bean (seed) taken from the soybean meal (fruit) which is produced from the cocoa tree, and is obtained by the steps of fermentation, coarse crushing, peeling, etc. (commonly known as cocoa cake), after the cocoa cake is defatted and pulverized. The powder is cocoa powder.

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Chocolate is made by adding cocoa butter and sugar to cocoa powder.

What is the difference between dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate?

According to EU and US standards, the cocoa content in dark chocolate should not be less than 35%.

Both milk chocolate and white chocolate contain milk or milk powder. The difference between the two is that milk chocolate still contains cocoa powder or cocoa pulp. Therefore, the appearance is still brown, but the color is lighter than dark chocolate due to the addition of milk. White chocolate has only cocoa butter and no cocoa butter.

In theory, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is rich in polyphenolic antioxidants such as flavonoids. According to this logic, dark chocolate has many benefits, including stimulating endorphin synthesis, providing a pleasant mood, as well as helping to fight oxidation, lowering bad cholesterol, promoting blood circulation, reducing heart disease risk, and enhancing memory. Some experts even said that eating dark chocolate can fight cancer. However, some experts believe that these antioxidant nutrients may have been damaged during chocolate processing.

Many nutritionists recommend dark chocolate as a healthy food. But after all, it is full of fat and sugar. The purer dark chocolate, the higher the calories. If you are only pursuing the health effects of dark chocolate, it is recommended that you drink a pure cocoa powder.

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