Keep This 3 Trouble in Mind When You Eat Coarse Grains


Intestinal health is caused by coarse grains and also by coarse grains. From the perspective of real life, coarse grains are recommended for eating cereals that can be eaten in moderation every day. They have positive effects in promoting intestinal health or avoiding excessive blood pressure and excessive blood sugar. Of course, everything is healthy for the right amount, and the same for coarse grains. Excessive use of coarse grain will consume more cellulosic substances, which will damage the intestines and even induce constipation. Therefore, although they are good, they should be eaten in moderation and healthy food. Please pay attention to the health of the staple food.

coarse grains

There are often coarse grains in the staple food, what are the benefits for the body?

Compared with fine grain, coarse grains contain more abundant cellulose, mineral elements, B vitamins and other substances, which can be effectively supplemented.

Appropriate supplementation of these nutrients can promote intestinal metabolism, promote bowel movements, prevent constipation and colon cancer; moderate dietary fiber supplementation can reduce cardiovascular disease-related mortality, all-cause mortality, stroke prevalence, coronary heart disease incidence, 2 The incidence of type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer is 15 to 30%. In addition, proper consumption of coarse grains, which contains B vitamins, also contributes to the formation of a positive mental state, and also promotes skin health, for example, can prevent oral ulcers induced by lack of vitamin B2.

Although it has a good effect, eating more will hurt the body:

  • Detrimental to intestinal health:

The coarse grains are rich in cellulosic substances. The large amount of ingestion will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. The intake of dietary fiber will absorb water, which will lead to delayed gastric emptying. Excessive consumption may lead to bloating, indigestion, and even constipation. occur.

absorb water

  • Affect the normal absorption of nutrients:Excessive intake of coarse grains, including dietary fiber, tannin and phytic acid, will affect the absorption of nutrients such as protein, mineral calcium, iron and zinc, and even affect the normal immunity of the human body.
  • There are even hazards that increase the risk of gastrointestinal diseases:Excessive intake of coarse grains, the staple food processing itself is not soft enough, and a large intake of dietary fiber can cause mechanical damage to the gastric mucosa, which will increase the risk of gastrointestinal digestive diseases in the long run.
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In other words, although coarse grains are recommended for you to eat, they are not free to eat. If the excess is easy, it will easily cause harm to the body.

How to eat coarse grains, how to eat healthier?

  • Moderate and safer (healthy):

Any food can only be healthier if it is in moderation. The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents recommends that adults consume 50-150 grams of whole grains and miscellaneous beans per day, and 50-100 grams of potatoes. It is recommended that coarse grains account for 1/3 to 1/2 of the total staple food.

For people with normal gastrointestinal health, it is recommended to meet half of the staple food in the staple food. If it is older or gastrointestinal sensitive, one-third of the staple food should be as coarse as possible.

  • Diversified intake of coarse staple food:

For every kind of food, there will be such a “food hygiene risk”. From a safety point of view, it is recommended that you can eat a variety of grains together in the process of eating staple foods, thick and fine, and increase oats, corn, The intake and intake frequency of various staple foods such as potato food and miscellaneous beans reduce the safety risk, and on the other hand, it can also be more nutritious.

Coarse grain products, a kind of healthy food that is more suitable for modern people, has rich dietary fiber and comprehensive nutrition. It tastes unique and it is recommended that you eat more. Of course, any good food (things) that wants to play a good role must be eaten in moderation, as well as coarse grains, which can cause harm to the body. Health is good for whole grains and can also be harmful to whole grains.

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